Friday, 26 November 2010

Nilagiri Kurma

I still remember the first time I felt the chill air that brushed against my skin, when I set my foot in Kunoor (a hill station), when I was a kid. We had stayed in a friends house and as much as I remember the cold air, my visit to the market in the dark holding my father’s hand enjoying the weather, I also remember vividly the potato kurma and poori, the lady of the house had prepared for us the next morning for breakfast. It was different and delicious, ever since then, kunoor experience and the Nilagiri kurma has forever stayed in my memory. Poori is usually served with potato masala, thakkali thokku(tomato curry), but with nilagiri white kurma, I have had guests asking for recipe.

1. Potato - 250 gms
2. Onion - 2
3. Tomato - 1( small)
4. Ginger garlic paste - 1tsp
5. Coconut - 2tbsp
6. Poppy seeds - 1tbsp
7. Green Chilly - 2
8. Fennel - 1/2tsp
9. Cloves - 2
10. Cinnamon - 1(small piece)
11. Cardamom - 2
12. Oil - 1tbsp
13. Salt
14. Curry leaves - few

1. Cook Potatoes separately, peel the skin and cut into small pieces.
2. Heat oil in a pan, add fennel, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, curry leaves and when they splutter, add sliced onions, saute' till it is cooked.
3. Add ginger garlic paste, saute' for few seconds, add salt and water. Bring it to boil add cooked potatoes and ground paste of coconut+poppy seeds+green chillies.
4. Cook on low heat until everything is well combined and remove from heat when done. Serve with poori.

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