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Ulundu kali

A sweet made from urad dal called 'ulundu kali' or 'ulunthangali', is a traditional food given to young girls entering into adulthood because of its therapeutic property. Apparently, the kali taken during this time strengthens the pelvic bone of young girls and generally suggested for all women for their health benefits. It’s a combination of goodness from the urad dal which is rich in protein, jaggery rich in iron and gingely oil rich in Vitamin E that makes this food unique. Even today the practice of giving raw egg and gingely oil first thing in the morning for the first few days, for young girls whose first cycle of menstruation begins is followed in villages. Though it is not palatable it is highly nutritious for the girls as they strengthen the uterus and prepares them for healthy child bearing later in their adulthood. In my case, my grandmother helped me sometimes to finish off the egg, but made me drink the oil. Though my mother makes the kali often, I actually learn’t it from my relative from nagercoil, who walked into my kitchen one day and prepared it using a small quantity, which he had learn’t it from his mother. Sadly, he is no more and I remember him every time I prepare this kali.

                   Video on ‘How to make Uluthangali’. Follow the quantity that is given below in the Ingredients list. Use only required amount of urad dal flour in the jaggery until the right consistency is obtained. It will actually take less than a cup of flour for 3/4 cup of melted jaggery. Here for this video, I roasted the dal, powdered in a mixie and sifted to get a fine flour. ( In the video urad dal is spelled mistakingly as grad dal - my computer's auto correction fault !)
I owe a 'Big Thanks' to my son who did quite a good job on shooting this video.

To watch the video, pause the blog’s music that is at the bottom of the page. Feel free to mail me for any clarifications or any difficulty in viewing the video.

 The urad dal used here was ground in a mill, which gives a smooth texture to the kali

The  UlunduKali was hot when I took these pictures, when it cools down it easy to shape into balls.

1. Urad dal                   1  cup (preferably urad dal with skin)
2. Melted jaggery         3/4 cup
3. Gingely oil               1/4cup
4. Ghee
5.Cardamom                2

1. Dry roast and powder urad dal along with cardamom.
2. In a pan add melted and strained jaggery and bring it to a boil, reduce the heat and add urad dal powder, stir and when it is mixed well, add oil little by little and when everything is well amalgamated and begins to leave the sides of the pan, remove from heat. When it is slightly cool, divide into portions, make a small depression in the middle of each portion and add a tsp of ghee. Kali should be had by dipping it in ghee for a nice flavour and taste.
( Don’t try to add the urad dal flour all at one go, add little by little, check and add just enough flour the jaggery can hold. The mixture should not be too thick)

 Made with white urad dal, which was powdered in a processor at home, which was slightly coarse.

suggestion: Do not over boil the jaggery, this will make the kali rock hard. Adding too much of urad dal flour will also result in a hard kali. Can use ‘karupatti’(palm sugar) instead of jaggery for more health benefits.

                                                        Made with black urad dal

For those who find it difficult, blend urad dal powder and jaggery to a fine powder, transfer to a plate, add gingely oil little by little and form balls, add some ghee for flavour. Recipe and picture posted in Maa laddu post.
 Will soon be posting my mother - in -law’s version of ulundu kali, using rice flour. This time I am planning to make it totally healthy by using karuppatti and urad dal with skin.

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