Monday, 4 April 2011

Redlenlits Kofta curry

Lentil burger, when I saw the recipe in a cook book, my curiosity was kindled, but wasn’t satisfied with the taste, so made some adjustments to suit our palate, turned it into koftas and used it in a curry, just the way I wanted.

Red lentils                          100 g
Potato                                 125g or 3 small ones
Bread slices                       2
Cumin                                1tsp
Garam masala powder    1tsp
Garlic                                 2cloves
Spring onions                   2tbsp
Coriander leaves              1tbsp
Rice flour                          2tbsp + 3tbsp
Egg                                    1/2

For the curry
Onions                                            2
Tomatoes                                       2
Ginger garlic paste                       1tsp
Red chilly+coriander powder     2tsp
Garam masala powder                 1/2tsp
Cumin powder                               1/2tsp
Spring Onions

Cook lentils and potatoes(skin peeled) in a pressure cooker.
Mash the potato and lentil, add lightly beaten egg, cumin powder, garam masala powder, minced garlic, chopped spring onions, chopped coriander leaves, salt, rice flour and mix.
Wet your hands lightly and make koftas or balls with the mixture.
Roll the balls in rice flour and fry in a sauce pan using 1 or 2tbsp of oil.

Heat oil in a pan, add sliced onions and saute until it is pink and cooked.
Add chopped tomatoes, saute until it is cooked and add ginger garlic paste, stir, add garam masala powder, chilly+coriander powder, salt , cumin powder, a cup of water and once it begins to boil, cook on low heat for few minutes until the curry is ready.
Add the koftas, garnish with chopped spring onions and serve immediately with roti.

The egg makes the mixture quite sticky, if the hands are slightly wet it is easy to make balls, my suggestion would be, just avoid egg, rice flour and include more bread to make koftas, can sprinkle some milk, if required to hold the mixture together.

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