Thursday, 5 May 2011

Burfi - Chikki - Indian snack bars

Burfi or chikki is usually named after the main ingredient that is used, which may be  peanuts, almonds, cashews or sesame seeds. In order to make a healthy snack bar, I have a used a combination of nuts and cereals to make this sweet and crispy burfi or chikki.

Oats                                       1/2 cup
white sesame seeds             1/2 cup
Sunflower seeds                   1/4 cup
Melon seeds                         1/4 cup
Nuts                                       1/2 cup ( I used a mixture of Almonds, Cashews and Apricot kernels, chopped)
Groundnuts                          1/2 cup
Melted jaggery                     1 1/4 cup

Roast each ingredient separately on medium heat, except jaggery until they change into light golden colour.
Take the melted jaggery in a heavy bottomed vessel and bring to a boil.
Continue to boil until the syrup thickens to the right consistency ( ball stage-see tips )
Remove from heat and add in all the roasted ingredients and mix well.
Transfer this to a greased tray and level the mixture.
Let it cool slightly cut into squares or rectangles and when cooled completely store in an air tight container.

Can add cardamom powder, ginger powder if desired.
The burfi will not look glossy after 24 hours.
It will stay good for a week.

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