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Groundnut Salad

Groundnut salad
                                               I may be living in the midst of the second most air polluted area and the  disturbing honking sound of the vehicles, but my days are made lively by the chirping sound of the avians, the sharp sound of the squirrels and the barking of the dogs. Ever since we had this reflective window glass installed, birds have been very inquisitive on seeing their reflections by pecking at their image on the glass and I didn’t know I was going to a bird watcher right in the comfort of my home.

                                                 It all started with a pair of ‘Mynas’ pecking at the glass looking at their image for a couple of weeks and soon they stopped, either because, they were bored of their latest fad or they sensed our presence. There were crows seriously trying to figure out the puzzle by taping on the glass, a hawk that frantically tried to attack the image by fluttering against the glass, squirrels staring at the glass not convinced with what they saw,  soon all these birds seemed to have understood that their attempts have gone weary and continued with their business except for this little Sunbird, a colourful and a pretty looking one, which has been knocking, at all my east facing windows for the past few months now. Initially, I thought it was all cute, but now it is distressing to watch this little guy, which appears every morning by the window and pecks at the glass fluttering up and down, chirping all the while and it doesn’t seem to give up.

                          There’s a big 'Nagalinga tree' (cannon ball tree) right behind the house, named so because the flowers resemble a hooded cobra over a lingam and it has been the abode for many birds, ever since it started blooming with flowers. I have seen many fledglings of crow grow, chicks of myna resting in the tree, pigeons flying past never daring to set its foot on the tree in the presence of these birds and the squirrels running amok, asserting its presence too. A couple of years back, when a pigeon family, nested in the window sill of our bathroom, we were too excited about this bird family that moved in with us. Though, I ended up with a severe sinus infection, still no one complained about its presence or the birds taking over our bathroom, but everyone were concerned about its safety, felt sad if the chicks died and happy when they grew up to a big bird, which happened very rarely. Now, it is this daily visitor, that is knocking at my window every day, the cause of concern and I hope one day it will understand this imagery bird is never going to come out of flying.

                                        Originally a street food, groundnut salad is a hot snack that can be seen sold in small paper cones in the busy streets of Chennai. I was actually introduced to this snack by my better half, when he bought it one day to prove that what he was eating was actually healthy, as I was complaining earlier about his unhealthy eating habits. It was indeed an interesting mixture of healthy food ingredients, but I still couldn’t agree that it was healthy, as I was skeptical of the hygiene in preparing it. (I can’t help it!)
It has been a long time, since I tasted this salad and here’s my version with a little addition of my own,  the crunchy savoury that will enhance the taste of the salad.

Groundnuts                    200 g
Carrot                              1/3 cup
Raw mango                     1/3 cup
Onion                               1
Green chilly                    1
Coriander leaves            2 tbsp
Lemon juice                    1 tsp

Cook the groundnuts in water with a tsp of salt and drain it.
Combine the grated carrot, grated mango, chopped onion, chopped green chilly and the coriander leaves.
Mix in the cooked and drained groundnuts. Add salt to taste. Stir in the lemon juice.
The groundnut salad is ready and it can be served without the crunchy savoury too, but a little crunch will always up the taste of a dish.

For the crunchy Savoury
Flour                       1/2 cup
Rice flour               1 tbsp
Asafoetida              a pinch
Ajwain                    a pinch ( crushed)

Whisk everything together, add enough water and knead to a dough.
Divide into portions, roll each portion to a thin sheet, dusting with flour as and when needed, cut out small circles, prick with a fork on the surface of each circle and deep fry in medium hot oil until golden brown.
Crush these using hand and add it to the groundnut salad just before serving, mix well and serve.

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