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Karupatti/Palm Jaggery Chocolate

                                            With the last disc of palm jaggery in hand, I was actually preparing to make a medicinal concoction with ginger. Ginger prepped, jaggery on the stove, a sudden thought of chocolate with palm jaggery sprung up in my mind and that was it, there were no second thoughts and the ginger was stashed away for later use.

                                           Palm jaggery chocolate is not new to me. Every year during navarathri, kuralagam in chennai will showcase pretty dolls, handicraft products for sale, including stalls, that sell many health and medicinal products made by small scale industries, like palm jaggery chocolates, candied ginger, candied gooseberry, ginger based digestive syrup and many other products made from natural food.  I remember buying this chocolate from there, for my son many years ago, which tasted like milk chocolate with a strong palm jaggery flavour. This flashed on my mind and instead of dozing off after lunch, I was actually working on the stove making chocolate at the wrong time and this obviously puzzled others! I couldn’t procrastinate the idea of combining two fantastic dark food, that nature has given us and that too with the given quantity, it’s just a matter of minutes.

                                    The chocolate was not firm enough to snap apart, but it was more like a melt in the mouth texture like a mousse and soft like a silk. I don’t know if it was the quality of the cocoa powder that I used or the taste and the quality of the palm jaggery, the chocolate from this combination was just too good.

Palm jaggery disc    1( 80 g)
Butter                       80 g
Milk powder            100 g
Cocoa powder         50 g
Water                       50 ml

Add water to the palm jaggery in a pan and melt on medium heat.
Boil until it becomes a sticky syrup.
Add milk powder, cocoa powder, butter and stir on low heat, until everything gathers well to a thick mass.
Transfer to a pan lined with baking paper and let it cool.
Chill until set.

The chocolate will be flexible to roll, use the trimmed pieces or roll each square into balls, dust them with cocoa powder.

I did try with the palm jaggery/karupatti that is available here (see picture in glossary) and it tasted more or less the same, but definitely chocolaty. Only this time I used,
50 gms   of palm jaggery,
50 gms   of butter,
50 gms   of milk powder( about 5tbsp),
25 gms   of cocoa (2tbsp) and
1/2 a tsp of cornflour.
I melted the jaggery, adding 3tsps of water and when it was thick and frothy, added the rest of the ingredients and stirred until it gathered well leaving the sides of the pan. Transferred to a greased plate. Let it cool and chilled for a few hours.

The idea of adding water to the jaggery is to melt it. If using a good quality palm jaggery, add very little water to melt it and when it boils to a  thick syrup, continue with the rest of the step. If the jaggery has grits, then you might have to strain to remove them and boil the syrup until all the water is evaporated and the syrup is thick.
I used cornflour to get a firm chocolate, it does not alter the taste of the chocolate.

The chocolate in the above picture and the one below were made using regular palm jaggry/karupatti that is available here.

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