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Molten Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Jam

                                          As I sit by the window, nibbling my breakfast, just after the men in the house are sent off, my window tales that reflect the life on the other side of the window begins in the busy hour of the day. I see this grocery store guy with OCD,who rubs his eye and pinches his nose constantly every few minutes, little anxious kids held tightly in the loving arms of their grand parents waiting for the school bus, an embarrassed college going girl, reluctantly walking with her over protective father, as he takes her everyday to board a bus, a school kid on a bicycle, never forgetting to pray, as he passes by the statue of Lord Mary, a sad looking white bull pulling a cart, moving to the rhythmic sound of the jingling bells tied to its neck, which sounds more melancholic and announcing ‘here I go', a young physically challenged person walking everyday to a nearby tea shop for a drink, without any help, never fails to remind me of how abnormal we are to always complain over trivial issues. I have seen petty road accidents and traumatised victims, street quarrels that starts and ends before anyone could intrude, young men recklessly racing in their bikes for fun and pump up the blood pressure of many old people on the road, loud funeral processions that silences everyone for a moment, daily labourers walking hastily to find work, busy office goers, rushing to report on time, some familiar faces, some I don’t know. For all that drama that unfolds through my window and while I sit there wondering where these people are headed to, I wish and pray they all return home safe, for they have, mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, sons and daughters waiting for them.

                  To me, molten chocolate cake would be the most desired dessert that gives instant gratification. My first molten chocolate cake was from Domino’s and I fell in love with this chocolate treat that instant. Ever since then, I have tried a few molten chocolate cake recipes and have tried replacing the ingredients this for that, to make my own version of this cake that is easy to make and guilt free to eat  and this is my latest version of molten chocolate cake which I guess is, low in fat and low in cholesterol too. Whatever, this version of molten chocolate cake proved to be as good as the other versions, with not much difference and a cake that you can happily reach for the second one without guilt. If you don’t believe in this low calorie, low fat nonsense, just use the given substitutions to enjoy a rich molten chocolate cake.

                                  The given quantity for two is quite adaptable to taste and requirement. I have tried a few combinations which has been satisfactory so far. The next time I may try with avocado or some banana and replace some of that oil and sugar or may be use just nutella instead of butter and I can imagine how chocolatey such a combo would be. It’s such a flexible recipe and it always tastes good, no matter however modified. Use peanut butter only if you love the taste of peanut butter and chocolate, as the taste of peanut butter dominates over the chocolate taste in the cake.

Dark chocolate                100 g     ( I used 72% cocoa)
Egg whites                        2            ( or use 1 egg)
Dark brown sugar           1/4 cup  ( or use white granulated sugar)
Oil                                     50 ml     ( or use 50 g of butter or Peanut butter )( I used sundrop oil)
Almond flour                   2 tbsp     ( or use white flour)
Vanilla Extract                 1/2 tsp
Raspberry jam                 1tbsp

Melt the chocolate pieces in a double boiler. Set it aside.
Beat egg whites until frothy and double in volume.
Add sugar and beat until pale and thick like a custard. (If using white sugar, grind to a fine powder and use)
Mix in vanilla.
Stir the oil in the melted chocolate and whip this into the beaten eggs and sugar.
( If using butter or peanut butter, melt it along with the chocolate)
Stir in the almond flour, just until mixed.
Grease two to three ramekins well.
( I used oil spray to grease the ramekins and it helps the cake to slide out easily when inverting on to a plate)
Fill half of the ramekins with the chocolate batter, place about 1/2 to 1 tsp of raspberry jam in the centre and pour more chocolate batter, covering the jam and fill upto the rim.
Bake in a preheated oven at 180*c for about 12 minutes. Leave it in the hot oven for another 1 minute. Remove from the oven and invert it onto a plate.

Since cherries and strawberries are seasonal fruits, it is not that easy to get it when desired. These glass cherries and strawberry, comes handy whenever I need some reddish hue to contrast the dark chocolate. They are quite heavy and it started sinking into the soft molten centre the moment it was placed. I know, these glass fruits can never replace the beauty of fresh raspberry or strawberry on a cake, but they make the cake look pretty visually.
Just ignore the spoon marks on the plate and note the fused molten chocolate and the jam inside the cake.
Chilled cake tastes gorgeous too.

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