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Maa,Pala,Vaazhai - Mukkanigalum, Thenum - Mango, jackfruit, Banana and Honey

                                    Tamil literature glorifies Maa, Pala, Vaazhai as the supreme fruits in terms of its taste, nutrient values and health benefits. Though all tamilians are aware of this, not many know the right intake procedure of these three magnificent fruits. I learn’t to cut a jackfruit, as a child, watching my father do it with poise and ease, the thorny fruit spread across a double layer of newspaper and a small bowl of oil beside and with a sharp and oil smeared glistening knife, he would cut through the fruit with such expertise and perfection, all the while narrating the story of his childhood days, extracting the kernels from the fruits grown in their farm, not just one fruit but as many as needed and how his mother would marinate the jackfruits in honey and leave it suspended from the ceiling in a closed pot, overnight. The next day the children would dig their hands in the pot, for those delicious honey soaked jackfruits every time they passed by. Besides his nostalgic moments, we were totally mesmerised by the taste when he taught us the first time his little family recipe.

                         Even now, when we sit down to cut a jackfruit, my uncle and my father don’t hesitate to throw in some in their mouth, even before the kernels are extracted completely, although they are diabetic. These old men still recall their childhood days of how each would finish a whole jackfruit on their own or eat as many mangoes as possible from their farm and forego their lunch.

                                  Maa, pala and vazhai,(mango, jackfruit and banana) the sweetest of all fruits gains another dimension of taste when soaked in honey. This is exactly how the three reigning fruits maa, pala and vazhai should be had, as it not only enhances the taste, but infused with honey the health benefits doubles up.

                                Generally these three fruits, maa, pala and vazhai, rich in calories and marinated in honey is suggested for those who wish to gain weight and with all that nutrients in these fruits and combined with honey, they sure make one super healthy food for all, but off course in moderation.  If not with all the three fruits, try it with jackfruit alone and taste the difference, you will be addicted.

                               Take equal quantities of the mukkanigal - chopped mango, jackfruit and banana in a bowl, (or just jackfruit without the seeds and veins) add honey till the fruits are completely immersed. Let it marinate for several hours or overnight. I prefer to eat it early in the morning as it helps to sooth my stomach.

Use only half the amount of honey if you do not want it to be too sweet.
A wonderful ice-cream recipe with maa, pala and vazhai follows.

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