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Whitechocolate Mousse With Pomegranate Syrup

                 I don't know what's with me and the ruby red colour, I go bonkers over this colour and pause at least for a minute when I come across something that's in deep maroon shade. I pick up every tomato that is fully ripe and inviting with its plump red colour, until my eyes meet the last red fruit, this happens even if i have a bag of tomatoes lying in my fridge and if it happens to be cherry sized tomatoes there is no controlling me, I have seen people smile in wonder, when they see me pick up the tiny little tomatoes that is generally left unpicked. I find it irresistible to buy the Afghan pomegranates for its brilliant deep red colour and I love  to picture those glistening little rubies more, than just eating it. Thankfully, I live in a place where cherries  don't grow or else, I guess, I will be buying them in abundance just for the sheer love of the crimson shade and its miniature size.

                     As much as I love this blood red colour, the irony is, the sight of real blood makes me drowsy. When my son's doctor showed me a small container of blood that he had extracted from his knee due to effusion, I almost lost my balance and for the next thirty minutes, I became the patient, while my son hopped out more consciously than me! Standing in blood donation camps makes my head spin, but I can stare at a bottle of burgundy for hours with craze for the sparkling colour ( I repeat only the colour).
It's an obsession that still continues with an eye for this bloody scarlet colour.

       The last few weeks of dining were peaceful, as I was cooking and experimenting quite a few recipes and have been successfully enjoying it without the pressure of having to note down the precise measurements or delaying to serve the meal to my family, for the purpose of photo shoot, nor having to deal with their constant nagging over my shoulders, "Are you done yet"?  kind of questions. Sometimes, I had to assure them that there was no photo shoot and they would sit down to eat, giving out a peaceful sigh! This was so good, but back to square one, here I am posting another recipe passing all that hurdles, to carry on what I started.

            I am not fond of white chocolates, but this white chocolate mousse is an exception, which I absolutely love it  and it is the easiest dessert that anyone can make to please a guest. The pomegranate  syrup that I have used here is optional, but the syrup can be used on almost anything, from crepes and roti, pancakes and bread toast, as a glaze on panna cottas and tarts, dosas and poories. The white chocolate mousse can be had on its own or can be used as icing on cakes, or meringues, to sandwich cookies, as fillings instead of custard, or with some chopped fruits like mangoes and bananas, it makes a wonderful dessert.

White chocolate mousse
White chocolate    100 g
Cream                     200 ml (1 cup)
Orange zest            2 tsp
Pistachios               1/4 cup (lightly toasted)

Melt white chocolate pieces in a double boiler. Let it cool.
Whip cream until stiff peaks form.
Stir in the orange zest and chopped pistachios in the melted chocolate.
Fold the cream in the cooled chocolate mixture.
Transfer the mousse to ramekins and chill until set.
Serve or spread a tablespoon of melted pomegranate or any other syrup or honey, on the surface of each mousse and chill again to set. Serve cold.

To melt chocolate, the chocolate should be at room temperature, chopped into small pieces and melted in a bowl kept over a pan of simmering water.
To whip cream to peaks, transfer the cream from the pack to a bowl ( Fresh cream like Amul comes with some liquid in the pack, drain that and use only the thick cream) and freeze it for 12 minutes, remove and start beating for about 2 minutes on medium speed and 1 minute on high speed.

Pomegranate Syrup
Pomegranate  juice       2 1/4 cup
Sugar                               1 1/2 cup
Pomegranate seeds       1/2 cup ( optional)
Lemon juice                   1 tsp
Orange zest                    2 tsp

Collect the seeds in a wide mouth bowl and crush it with your hand or a masher to extract the juice( do not use a processor, as the seeds gets crushed too and it alters the taste).
Strain the mixture and discard the seeds.
Combine the strained juice and sugar and cook on medium heat, stirring now and then for about 30minutes. Add the lemon juice, pomegranate seeds and the orange zest and continue to cook  on low heat for a further 15-20 minutes. Turn off the heat and leave it to cool completely before transferring to a sterilised jar.
The syrup becomes a lot more thicker than what it looks like in the picture when chilled. Here,  the syrup was brought to room temperature and slightly beaten for use.
(Recipe for the pomegranate syrup was adapted from cafefernando's pomegranate jam)

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