Friday, 26 July 2013

Autumn in my backyard!

                           Come July, the harsh heat of the simmering summer is cooled down by the South west monsoon rains.  When the rumbling dark clouds announce the onset of the season that was much awaited for, umbrellas are spread open now more cheerfully, sticky sweat is wiped off our faces for one last time this year,  parched lands emanate the aroma of wet earth that permeates through the air unleashing the autumn mood, wilted plants and trees now look green and pretty, like they were freshly bathed, we human beings looking a few shades darker now and almost on the verge of losing our sanity, are more than happy to breath in the 'scent of autumn', which is fresh and invigorating. It all means 'July is Joy'.

Can you feel the rain?

   In spite of living a chaotic life in the middle of the city, disturbed constantly by the blaring horns and banging sound from building constructions and destructions, our only respite is the presence of this tree in our backyard. It's a beautiful tree that has been growing along with the years that we moved in, blooming pretty pink flowers that resemble a snakes hood over a lingam and hence called a 'Nagalinga maram'. It's very presence close to us, always reminds us that we are not too far from nature. It is also the nesting ground and landing spot for many birds from crows, mynas, sunbirds to hawks.


                                                                         Like a pretty pendant

 It's a mystical sight to watch this tree shed all its leaves twice every year and even before the last of the brown leaf has fallen the tree once again regains its greenery within days, symbolising the promise of new life. Nature's wonder !



It's this feel good weather that has inspired me to do things that I had given up a long time back.
More stories to unfold....

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