Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Coloured Chalks

            Can't remember the last time I held a coloured chalk in my hand. It's been decades and when I rolled these conical cylinders in my palm, I was gripped with the enthusiasm of a child. 

             Having just returned from a short trip to one of those Arab countries where people are mostly dressed in monochrome, I have never felt so happy to be back in India, a country that truly appreciates the beauty of colours. When my emerald green and coral red attire stood apart from the English colours and the black and white robes, I didn't know if I should be embarrassed or feel sorry for them.

     If not for colours, kancheevaram silk sarees would not have attained its fame, rainbows and balloons would not have been adored, fruits and vegetables would not have looked tempting, we would not have known cinema heroes wearing lipstick, chicken 65's and gobi manchurians would have looked like pieces of charcoal.
Just a dash of colour makes all the difference.

             Be it for drawing kolams or pictures or just scribbling our thoughts, these coloured chalks are very handy and  make it more colourful and pretty.  It only takes a few seconds and a gentle swab to make all our temporary art vanish without leaving a trace. 

Coloured chalks, my latest fad. Hate to see them break!


  1. I too love coloured chalks. brings back memories of school and fighting with my younger brother for these chalks. Nostalgia!


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