Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Shopping at Rangachari

                          On entering a gated building, you are asked to leave your footwears out and you walk into what looks like nothing more than a three bedroom house. Unable to decide where to start from, especially if you have nothing particular in mind, a short stroll around the small space in bare foot, amidst the rustling of madisars and the tireless echoes of 'mamas' displaying the sarees with zest, you finally settle in a place that you think is the right spot. 

                    You are asked to sit down while the men display the sarees spreading it on a soft bed. You choose , you pick and you are happy because it is Rangachari, the oldest cloth store in chennai that still occupies a strong place in the hearts of women for its traditional sarees. Situated in the heart of mylapore, it caters to women who love traditional style sarees worn especially in brahmin households, making it the right place to stop by. 

                        I don't know much about sarees, if it is pretty and appealing then I pick. This post on Rangachari happened deliberately to introduce traditional saree shopping in Chennai, which is like visiting a mess that serves home style food, when you are tired of restaurant food. 
                     Don't expect glossy lipped women to welcome or a multi-storeyed building to make your choice. It's a small place with a limited collection which you may or may not like but its worth a visit especially because it's a very old store that has survived the revolution in the shopping culture in chennai. Ask any old woman at home about Rangachari and their face will brighten up like a diabetic person asked to describe the taste of jangiri!


  1. lovely blog.. the varieties of millets and the millet rice is very nice... rangacharriiii sigh !! sometimes i wonder what i am doing abroad when my heart and soul is in chennai..

    keep the age old recipes coming..

    would like to know where I can get varagarisi, especially maapillai samba arisi etc - does nilgiris carry it ?

    revathi velu

    1. Revathi, millets are available in almost all organic shops in chennai. I have mentioned a few, with the address in 'Shopping in Chennai' page and yes, excitement, followed by a deep sigh, that's exactly the kind of reaction people give when they can't make it to Rangachari!


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