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Musumusukkai, Thoodhuvalai, Pannai keerai, Sukkang keerai, Araik keerai - Mukia maderaspatana, Solanum Trilobatum, Celosia Argentea, Rumex Vesicarius, Marselea Quadrifolia

                     It is said that, in the coming years antibiotics are going to be less effective, as the diseases have become more resistant to it. But our food culture has always been on the preventive side,  incorporating medicinal ingredients in our cooking, like turmeric, pepper, ginger, mustard, fenugreek seeds, curry leaves, cumin and greens that were generally grown in the backyard have always helped us to deal with all kinds of ailments and naturally they have helped our body to build resistance against diseases and we were never dependent on antibiotics or for that matter any tablets at all, unlike the present era.

  These greens mentioned here are all generally seen either grown around fences, in our backyard or generally on some vacant land, one that never requires special care like regular watering or rich manure. They are commonly found everywhere, used by our ancestors to deal with all common diseases that affected them during the change of seasons and now used only by people who are well aware of its benefits.

I have given one recipe which I always make either with Musumusukkai or Thoodhuvalai leaves.
Musumusukkai/Thoodhuvalai Thuvaiyal
Keerai              1 cup ( either M or T )
Thuvar dal        1 1/2 tbsp
Bengal gram      1 1/2 tbsp
Pepper              1 tsp
Asafoetida        1/8 tsp
Salt                 1/2 tsp
Oil                  2 tsp


Roast thuvar dal and bengal gram in a tsp of oil, add pepper and asafoetida and continue to roast until the dal turns golden brown.
Transfer to a plate and roast the greens ( well rinsed ) in another tsp of oil until wilted and cooked.
Combine the roasted greens and dal, add salt and blend to a paste adding water.
Serve the thuvaiyal with idly, dosa or mix it with rice. ( can add a small piece of coconut if desired when blending )

                                                    Musumusukkai Keerai - Mukia Maderaspatana

Musumusukkai, Thoodhuvalai and Adathodai are three different plants but works effectively for one purpose; all cold related ailments and have been used by our ancestors for many generations to get relief from chest congestions. I have personally benefitted by using these greens (except Adathodai) in our diet everytime someone in my family suffers from severe cough or breathing difficulties due to cold infections and it has always worked beautifully, especially musumusukkai gives relief from severe cough, stuffy nose and cold. Thoodhuvalai can be seen grown in almost everybody's house, but never used, like the sage leaves ( karpooravalli ) which can also be used for cold related problems ( used in dosa batter ).

                                                            Thoodhuvalai Keerai - Solanaum Trilobatum

Here are a few other greens or keerai that you might not have heard or cooked but that has been used in our cooking for ages. Try cooking all these greens anytime you come across them or try growing them in your own garden. The cure for all diseases lies in our kitchen and with a little effort, in our own garden.

Pannai Keerai - Celosia Argentea
           Pannai keerai is so named because it is generally seen grown in vacant lands and mostly never sold in the markets. Local people gather the leaves from the farms and use it in cooking. Unlike the ones pictures here, you get pannai keerai with large leaves too. The leaves are cooked with thuvar dhal like any other greens and served with rice. It aids in digestion and cures stomach related ailments. Cooked with dhal like any other greens makes a tasty dhal curry with rice.

Sukkang Keerai - Rumex Vesicarius
Cooked like Pannai keerai, and used for general health like good digestion and stimulating hunger.

"Pannai keerai paruppu Kuzhambu" cooked with Thuvar dhal, also made using "Sukkang keerai" and "Araik Keerai"

Araik Keerai - Marselea quadrifolea
  Araik keerai or generally called as Araak Keerai, is believed to help in reducing hypertension and for inducing good sleep, which can be cooked like any other greens as stir fry or with dhal.

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