Monday, 14 July 2014

Moody Monsoon!

                                      Oops! I have done it again, disappearing one more time, remaining silent and leaving behind confused readers.  Well, initially I did decide to leave a gap before I posted my next recipe, as I wanted "The making of ghee" post to reach more people and create awareness that just any block of butter can never produce pure ghee, but the gap widened a little looooonger than I had planned, as I got myself involved in activities that I had long desired, which kept and still keeping me away from my own blog for days.  But, Wow! It feels so good to be posting again, especially on a day, when the weather is so nice and cool. Hot coffee and good music is all I have in mind right now.

                     My untouched camera, dust gathered props and the unused beautiful porcelain wares constantly remind me of my absence and what I am missing. I know I promised a recipe and I shall post it when I get back to my kitchen, until then enjoy the monsoon, the best season of the year that elevates the mood to an ecstatic level, after long dry days. The above picture is a pencil sketch of mine based on a beautiful photograph found on the web. I can totally understand, if you are too urged to change/close the page, not able to withstand looking at it!


  1. It's a beautiful sketch! I am waiting for your next recipe. I just saw your post on how to make ghee from scratch. I am going to give it a try as soon as I finish my store bought ghee.

  2. That’s very sweet of you pradeepa, try and let me know.


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