Saturday, 27 September 2014

Chocolate Cup Cake With Strawberry Jam

                  For long I had envisioned making large chocolate cup cakes dark and spongy, topped with little studs of chocolate chips, somthing that should be enticing and taste nothing but chocolate. It came true last week when I was craving for a chocolate cake and it turned out exactly the way I had visualised and tasted exactly the way I had wished ! I used to be tempted before by those gorgeous looking cup cakes on the shelves of many pastry shops and I believed they would taste as good as they looked,  but they never did and after a certain time I stopped buying them as all I could taste was the strong chemical in them added for that light and spongy texture ( usually an overdose of raising agents). 

                   Last tuesday, I skipped my language class and made myself these wonderful chocolate cup cakes to de-stress myself after a presentation and I must say, it was totally worth it ! I made these for myself with no intension of blogging about it, but as they tasted great, I am using a small break to share it here now! 
I chose this recipe because it requires no special skill or any fancy electric equipments. It only requires a bowl and a spoon and in the next thirty minutes you would be able to taste an aboslutely delicious chocoalte cup cake. It is that easy and delicious that you will definitely make it again. 
I adapted the Raspberry chocolate cake recipe from epicurious, added a few ingredients and made it into cupcakes.

Flour                    2/3 cup
Sugar                   1/2 cup - packed ( Dark brown sugar - measured and powdered)
Baking soda         1/2 tsp
Cocoa Powder      1/4 cup

Vanilla Extract         1 tsp
Butter milk               2/3 cup
Water                       1/3 cup
Oil                            1/4 cup
Egg                          1

Strawberry jam 
Chocolate chips

Combine ingredients in I and sift together atleast twice.
Combine ingredietns in II and whisk just to mix everything together.
Combine I and II and gently mix only until everything is combined.
Add the chopped walnuts, mix lightly,

Spray or grease four ramekins, line the bottom with baking paper spray again or grease.
Pour a little of the chocolate batter in the ramekins, place a tsp of the jam in the middle, top it with more batter and sprinkle the chocolate chips. 

Bake the cup cakes in a preheated oven at 180Âșc for 20 minutes. 
Make sure to fill only 3/4 cup.
Hot or cold it tastes absolutely wonderful! ( Tastes even better the next day !)

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