Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Teeny Tiny Biscuits From The Past !!!!!

                    I love watching the surprised and happy expressions of people everytime I give them these tiny tiger brita biscuits. Invariably the first question that comes out of almost every mouth is that," Are these  still available in the market, where did you find it?" and following that, almost everyone will express the same feeling of how much they loved snacking on these slightly larger than a button sized biscuits a few decades ago. 

                      Recently when I opened my small box full of these tiny buttons during an exam break, everyone around me was too happy to pick a few with the same gleeful expressions and surprised looks and questions and nostalgic feelings, except one young lady who refused to even take just one. Apparently she was on diet and was avoiding all kinds of biscuits. No matter how much I tried to make sense to her that a few bits is not going to harm her, she bluntly refused to even taste it.

                I am sure she might not have even seen these before or may not even see them again, her so called blind diet has prevented her from enjoying life’s simple pleasures without 'over indulging’! On the contrary, another healthy looking girl requested for more and happily popped into her mouth one after another, all the while telling me how much she missed these!

             It’s been a habit of mine to stock up these tiny biscuits in large bottles for the past fifteen years or so, but the truth is, I never get to eat them all! The bottle is emptied usually by others the moment I give them a taste of these biscuits. I am sure there will be a whole lot of you out there, who would wish right now to grab a handful of these teeny tiny biscuits for that sweet salivating taste that lingers in the mouth for a long time. Totally addictive!

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