Crazy Crochet

               My cracy crochet projects that I created over the last two years are listed here, while some are my creations, others I have given the link to the pattern that was used to make the bags. 
An attempt to make a top, turned into a beautiful skirt!

Updated on  2/03/2014
Crochet has been eating away most of my time and my recent obsession has been trying to make things by cracking crochet symbol patterns, which gives the pleasure of solving a math problem. Here are the pictures of the bags given with the link and a pendant that I managed to make using a tube, inspired by a picture of the pendant which I came across in the web. 



                                                 Crochet Knot Pendant ( My Pattern)

                              Star stich bag ( My pattern, with a different base )

                                                       Macrame cord crocheted bag ( my pattern, the best part of the bag was the handle, I loved the way it turned out)

Kingbird Elegant Crochet Bag ( my pattern ) 
To buy the pattern click the link below:

                                                               Crocheted Flower Purse

                                                                                 Carry all Tote

                                                                        Simple Net Crochet Bag

                                                                    Autumn Tote Bag

                                                                London Crochet Bag

                                                                    Kingbird Elegant Crochet Bag ( small size)

                                                                         My pattern

                                                                        My pattern

                                                                     Summer Top

                                                                   Crochet in Coir


                                                           Tartan Bag

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