Ajwain - Omam
Fenugreek seeds- vendhayam

Cloves - Lavangam
Nutmeg - Jathikkai
Cinnamon - Pattai
Cardamom - Elakkai
Kapok buds - Marati moggu

Lichen or Black stone flower - Kalpasi
 Mace - Jathipathri

 Black Cardamom - Karuppu Elekkai/Kaattu Elakkai
Caraway Seeds Shajeera - Karunjeeragam

Star Anise - Anashipu

Mustard - Kadugu

Fennel - Sombu

Dried Red Chilly - Kainda Milagai
Dried Turmeric - Kainda Manjal
Poppy Seeds - Kasa Kasa

Pepper - Milagu
Cumin seeds   - Jeeragam
Tuar dhal - Thuvaram paruppu
Urad dhal with skin - Karuppu ulundu 

Urad dhal  - Ulutham paruppu
Mung dhal - Payatham paruppu

Bengal gram- kadalai paruppu
Roasted gram- Pottu kadalai or udaitha kadalai
Masoor dal(red lentils) - Sivappu Paasi paruppu

Green gram - pacha payiru

Channa dal -Mookadalai

Field Beans - Mochai

Black beans 

Kidney beans - Rajma

Black eyed beans - Karamani

Bansi rava - vellai samba kodumai

Semolina (sooji) - Ravai
Broken wheat - samba kodumai
Sour Products
Tamarind - Puli
Kodam Puli
Sugar Products
Palm sugar - Panai vellam-karupatti

Sillu karupatti

Jaggery - Paagu vellum
Rock candy               - Kalkandu

Light brown sugar

Palm sugar candy - Panangkarkandu

Coconut Sugar

Indian spinach - Pasalai keerai

Curry leaves              - karuveppilai

Amaranthus               - Mulaikeerai

Mature Amaranth - Thandu Keerai

Pannaikkeerai - Celosia Argentea

Sukkang Keerai - Rumex Vesicarius

Musumusukkai keerai -MukiaMaderaspatana

Aaraik Keerai - Marsilea Quadrifolia

Thoodhuvalai keerai - Solanum Trilobactum

Yam (elephant foot) - Karunai Kizhangu
Long green capsicum  - Bajji milagai

Shallots   -  Chinna vengayam

Dry fruits and nuts
Apricot kernels

Sesame seeds(black) - Ellu (karuppu)

Sesame seeds(white) - Ellu (vellai)

Akrut  -Walnut

Sunflower seed      - surya kanthi vidhai

 Pine Nuts


Al Pakoda with its seed
Kambu  - Pearl Millet
Cholam - Sorghum/Jowar

Thinai - Foxtail millet ( without skin)

Thinai - Foxtail millet (with skin)

Ragi/Finger Millet - Kelvaragu

Barnyard Millet - Kuthiraivali arisi

Sevapparisi - Red puttu rice

Kavuni arisi - Black puttu rice/Black sticky rice

Kaikuthal arisi - Hand pound par boiled rice

Seeraga samba rice

Gandhakasala Rice

Matta Arisi Noi- Broken matta rice

Thooyamalli Arisi 

Navara Rice

Samba Kodumai - Whole wheat

Udaitha Makkacholam - Broken Corn

Little Millet - Saamai

 Kodo Millet - Varagu
Barnyard Millet - Kuthiraivali Arisi

 Red rice - Mappillai Samba

Bamboorice -  Moongil Arisi

 Flax seeds - Aali Vidhai

 Horse Gram - Kollu

Barley - Barley/Vaalkodumai

Amaranth seeds -Thandukeerai Vidai

Medicinal ingredients - Marundhu porutkal

Chebulic Myrobalan - Kadukkai 

Dried Ginger - Sukku

Alpinia Galangal/Lesser Galangal - Chithirathai

Liquorice - Adhimathuram

Black Salt - Indhuppu

Edible Almond tree gum - Badam pisin


Nannari - Roots of Sarasaparilla

Ayurvedic Ingredients

Spring onion       - vengaya thaal
Raw rice             - Pacharisi
Asafoetida          - Perungayam
Par boiled rice    -Puzhungal arisi
Besan Flour        - Kadalai mavu
Cornflour            - vellai sola mavu

Did you know,

Non- stick pans release chemicals on heating which causes cancer;  Instead iron tavas can be used which is good for health.

Plastic or melamine products  release chemicals when hot food comes in contact with plastic, which cause cancer and plastic containers also slowly release chemicals which gets mixed up with the food stored.

Food cooked on direct fire causes cancer; 
For example, cooking in tandoors and making phulkas; instead phulkas can be made on a tava which gives the same result. 

Aluminium foil used to pack food or  in baking or other forms of cooking, causes cancer; 
Instead, baking paper can be used and banana leaf heated slightly over heat to make it pliable or mantharai ilai can be used to pack food.

Microwave cooking is also allegedly believed to be unhealthy.

Food colours ( generally called kesari powder ) are carcinogenic as they contain chemicals meant for dyeing clothes.


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  7. A very useful list to understand cross language recipes. The photos are a stroke of genius !

  8. U didn't refer tipili in Ayurvedic... which is used in cooking too...:) btw super glossary with pics..:) s[ecially on the millets..... I always get confused with them..

  9. vendaya keerai has been written as arai keerai

    1. It is neither vendhaya keerai nor Araikkeerai, it is called 'Aaraikkeerai’.

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