Thursday, 24 February 2011

Porulvilanga urundai - Mixed gram Balls

There’s a tradition in the South that, when a girl is pregnant for the first time, mothers send goodies, mostly home made food, that is nutritious. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t do the same to their daughter-in-laws and the fact that, mothers are more attached to grandchildren from their daughter than their son’s, is another issue which is still under debate. Anyway, one such food is this porulvilanga urundai which translates as, "porul - meaning, vilanga - cannot understand, urundai - balls", which denotes that, one cannot make out the ingredients that has gone into the making of this laddu. Actually the ingredients aren’t that mysterious, but a nutritious pack of, protein rich peanuts, roasted gram, mung dal, dry ginger which aids in digestion and jaggery. Magnesium present in jaggery strengthens the nervous system and it also supplements the need for iron and calcium in women and children. My mother used to make large size balls by pressing the mixture in both hands, but what I have done is relatively a smaller size. One or two of these, will keep the tummy satiated for a long time.

1. Idly rice or Parboiled rice flour -  2 + 1/2 cup ( roasted and powdered)
2. Jaggery                                     -  375 g  (1 - 1/4 cup) ( add a little water, let it melt, filter )
3. Dry ginger (sukku)                   - 1/2 tsp
4. Cardamom                                - 1/2 tsp
5. Mung dal                                  - 1/2 cup(roasted)
6. Peanuts                                     - 1/2 cup (roasted)
7. Roasted gram                           - 1/2 cup 
8. Copra (Dried coconut kernels) - 2 tbsp (finely chopped)

1. Mix Peanuts, roasted gram, mung dal, copra, dry ginger, cardamom powder, 2 cups rice flour and keep aside.
2. Take jaggery syrup in a thick bottomed pan or non - stick pan and boil until the consistency is reached. 
3. when the jaggery has reached the consistency(see tips), turn off the heat and immediately add the  peanut mixture and mix well. 
4. Sprinkle some rice flour and start making balls, when it is hot. (sprinkling rice flour will help to withstand the heat and it will make the work easier). 
5. Store in a tight jar, when prepared properly, it will last longer, even for about a month.

1. Can increase the quantity of peanuts, roasted gram and reduce mung dal.
2. If you wait for the mixture to cool down it will become hard and again it will have to be heated, but porulvilanga urundai made like this, cannot be stored.
3. The consistency of the jaggery  is very important, if you cross the stage then they will become very hard that, it may require a hammer to break it.

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