Thursday, 23 June 2011

Rava Vadai - Maddur Vade

On our road trip to Mysore from Bangalore last year, my better half made sure that he stopped in a place called Maddur Tiffany’s to have Madhur vade and coffee. On our return trip, it was my turn to insist on stopping at Tiffany’s to pack some vade. While I was trying to guess the ingredients in the vadai, thinking aloud, saying, there’s rava, onion and so on, a native of Karnataka who was with us, helped me saying there’s some rice flour too, which I wouldn’t have guessed anyway. Rava vadai reminds me of maddur vade, as both are similar, except for a few changes, but it tastes more or less the same.

Semolina                 1 cup (roasted)
Potato                      1/3 cup ( cooked and mashed)
Green chillies         3-5
Onion                       1 (medium size)
Coriander leaves    1 1/2tbsp
Curry leaves            few
Lemon juice            2 tsp
Oil                             to fry

Mix everything well, sprinkle water and gently knead to form a soft dough.
Take a small portion, flatten and deep fry in oil, until it is cooked.
Serve hot.

For madhur vade, use equal amount of semolina and rice flour, avoid the potato, use the rest of the ingredients and make the vade.

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