Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Cheese Cake on a Brownie

                                      With Christmas, New year and a Birthday celebration around, indulgence is the keyword of December. I cannot miss the temptation to dig into a good slice of a cake, especially when I come across too many of them, throughout the month. Eventually, the love for the cake turns into aversion that, sometimes, even rich fruit cakes go untouched. I wanted to clear the cream cheese that's been in the freezer for quite some time and make my piece of cake, before all the receiving and the sharing of the cakes began.
                                   I love cheesecake, but never liked the biscuit base, it ruins the pleasure of eating a smooth and a creamy cheese cake. When I planned to make a Cheese cake, I was not only thinking of a good base, but also a good combination that will blend with the creamy texture of the cheese cake and I could not think of anything else but a brownie that will work well with a cheese cake and the sweet and sour strawberry sauce fills in the missing link in the cake. This "Cheesecake on a Nutella and Peanut butter Brownie" is the chocolate recipe of the month and the last recipe of the year. Time to make new plans and work hard to make dreams come true.

Recipe for the brownie and the cheese cake were adapted from bbcgoodfood
Ingredients for the Brownie 
Flour                           1/2 cup
Nutella                        1/2cup
Peanut butter             1/2 cup
Cocoa powder            1/3 cup
Light brown sugar     1 cup
Vanilla                         1 tsp
Eggs                              2

Whisk flour, cocoa powder and set aside.
Combine nutella and peanut butter in a bowl, melt on a double boiler.
Add in Sugar, vanilla and stir to combine.
When the mixture is cool, add the eggs one by one and mix well.
Add in the flour mixture little by little, stir until mixed.
Transfer to a greased baking pan and bake at 180*c for about 15 minutes.
( Tester inserted will have moist crumbs sticking to it )
Let it cool.

Cheese cake
Cream cheese        180 g
Cream                    100 ml
Icing sugar             2/3 cup
Vanilla                   1/2 tsp

Beat the cream cheese, vanilla and the Icing sugar until smooth, add in the cream beat until the mixture is combined. Transfer the mixture on to the brownie base, chill for a few hours until it sets.
For the strawberry sauce
Fresh strawberries
Icing sugar
Cinnamon (optional)
Combine fresh strawberries and icing sugar, puree the mixture, run through a sieve, transfer to a sauce pan, add in small piece of cinnamon and cook on medium heat, until the mixture thickens.
Cool the mixture and spread it on the set cheese cake and chill again for a few hours.

I used dark cocoa powder for the brownies, if using regular cocoa powder, add some chocolate chips in the batter before baking.
Can add chopped walnuts and fruits.
Can use butter instead of peanut butter.

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