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Karupatti Suyyam - Palm Jaggery Suyyam

                                             No, I didn’t go into hibernation, in case if anyone is wondering. I was simply basking in the aftermath of the pongal feast and another celebration in the family. But, I might go into a dormant state, as I am planning to take a break for sometime, after posting a few more recipes, a break that I hope will help to rejuvenate the blog and the creator.

                         I was given a few discs of palm jaggery/Karupatti, from Mangalore which tasted very sweet, with a unique taste of its own, unlike the palm jaggery/Karupatti that we get here . This palm jaggery was so delicious by itself, that it was so irresistible to nibble, even before I could think of using it in a recipe.

 Many seem to have a lot of doubts about Karuppatti/palm jaggery, while some think that jaggery and palm jaggery are the same. Jaggery is the unrefined product of sugar cane juice and Palm jaggery is the unrefined product of palmyra palm. Palm jaggery that is available in south India is a mixture of the extract from the palm, dry ginger and other spices. Since jaggery and palm jaggery are in the unrefined form with all its essential nutrients intact, it is a healthy sweetener than the chemically treated, refined white sugar. Karupatti/palm jaggery can be used in all recipes, where jaggery is used, but taste wise it will differ, still very sweet. The karupatti/ palmjaggery from south India is used to make a wonderful karupatti kapi (coffee) with a sharp gingery note that hits our palate, right on the first sip, which slides down the throat causing a mild burning sensation and cleanses the digestive system stimulating hunger. I have had aromatic Sukku kapi from the petty shops in the campus of the new Secretariat, which I don’t think is available there anymore, but with a good amount of Palm jaggery in hand it is easy to make a delicious karupatti kapi or Sukku kapi at home.

   Suyyam or Sugiyan or Susiyam is another Tirunelveli speciality sweet, the filling similar to the one that is used in poli. I like my sweets to taste extra sweet, so reduce the amount of sweet level according to preference. If using jaggery or south indian karupatti, when it is melted,  make sure to strain to remove the dirt particles, which is usually present in them. These palm jaggery discs were so clear when they melted, that I didn’t have to strain them at all.

Bengal gram                1/2 cup
Palm Jaggery              150 -160g
Grated coconut           1/2 cup
Cardamom                   2
Ghee                             1/2 tsp
Almond/cashew          5 - 10
Idly Batter                    1 cup

Pressure cook bengal gram with just enough water. Mash it with a ladle or grind it to a paste. ( I mashed to a course paste , with  a few bits of the dhal here and there)
Melt the palm jaggery with a tbsp of water, boil until it begins to thicken.
Add the mashed bengal gram, grated coconut, cardamom powder, chopped almonds/cashew, stir until the mixture gathers well and leaves the sides the pan.
Add the ghee and give a final stir. Let it cool.
Divide into portions and make balls.
Dip the balls one by one using a small ladle in the idly batter, till its well coated with the thick batter, drop it in medium hot oil, deep fry until it turns golden brown.

I have used palm jaggery discs from mangalore which did not have any spices mixed, so it was more or less like using  jaggery, but if south indian palm jaggery is used, the taste might differ.
If idly batter is not available, either use a cup of flour mixed with a tbsp of rice flour, a pinch of salt and water as a batter or soak and grind equal amount of parboiled rice and urad dal to make a batter with a little salt.
Each disc weighs about 80 gms and I used 2 discs for the sugiyan.
These palm jaggery discs seems to melt soon when it comes into contact with air, keep refrigerated when not used.
The palm jaggery disc in the picture was the last one I had and it was used to make a very delicious 'chocolate', which is going to be my next post!

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