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Kavuni arisi/Black sticky Rice and a Banana Paayasam

                               Black puttu rice/ karuppu puttarisi is the sticky rice, that’s popularly used in asian cuisines without the husk, particularly in their desserts. This rice is also popular in chettinad cuisine, one reason I believe is that, traders from chettinad, who frequented Burma and other east asian countries back in those days, brought back not only Burmese teak to adorn their palaces, but also the rice to south India, which has become a part of their cuisine as well. I was actually introduced to this rice in school by a friend, a refugee from Burma who had moved in to India during the war. This sticky rice used to be her lunch many a times or rather my lunch, because I would always be the one to finish this sweet and delicious sticky rice.

                             The rice made with the husk gives a distinct flavour and taste . The white sticky rice with the husk removed can be used to make puddings using coconut milk and served with fruits. Because of its sticky nature, the rice will suit best to make sarkkarai pongal and can be substituted for rice in most of our south Indian rice based desserts.
Here I have made the traditional kavuni arisi, exactly the way my friend used to bring it to school and a paayasam/pudding made with sago and banana using palm jaggery and the sticky rice. Both are utterly sweet and a delicious treat for sugar lovers, especially the banana paayasam will be a delight.

Black puttu rice         1 cup
Water                          3 cups
Sugar                           1/3 cup for 1 cup of cooked rice
Grated coconut          1/4 cup
Salt                              a pinch

Combine rinsed rice with water and salt in a pressure cooker and cook for twenty minutes. ( see TIPS on how to pressure cook rice)
Let the rice cool completely.
Stir in the sugar and mix in the grated coconut. Serve as it is or chilled.

Black puttu rice, Banana paayasam
Cooked black puttu rice       1 cup
Palm jaggery                          3/4 cup (melted and strained )
Cardamom                              2
Coconut milk                          1 cup
Sago/javvarisi                        1/4 cup
Banana                                     1

Soak sago for two hours and cook using a cup of water. It will take about five minutes or so.
Add in the cooked rice, crushed cardamom, palm jaggery syrup, sliced banana, stir well and cook on low heat for another five minutes or so until the mixture thickens.
If the paayasam is slightly thin, then increase the heat and stir until it thickens.
Remove from heat, stir in 1/4 cup of coconut milk and leave it to cool.
The paayasam can be served in two ways. Either mix in a 3/4cup of coconut milk to the entire mixture
and serve or scoop out  a small portion in a bowl and pour the coconut milk on the rice and serve like a pudding. I would suggest the second method with chilled paayasam.

One cup of uncooked rice yields 3 cups of cooked rice. If planning to make in small quantity use only 1/2 cup of rice, which will yield about 1 1/2 cup of cooked rice. I cooked a cup of rice, divided into three and used one cup each to make kavuni arisi and the banana paayasam. The third cup of rice, I mixed with sugar, grated coconut, coconut milk, chilled the rice for a few hours and that tasted more heavenly with another dimension.

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