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Steamed Chocolate Pudding with Chocolate Sauce

                 No oven, no baking, this 'steamed chocolate pudding with chocolate sauce' is a sinfully delicious cake, that you will no longer yearn for an oven baked cake. Almost everyone loves to bake a cake at home and I say this from the requests that I get from people I know on how to make a cake without an oven. To all those cake lovers, this pudding cake will eliminate the disadvantage of not owning an oven and you can proudly flaunt your home made cake and surprise your loved ones. This is a gorgeous cake that everyone must give it a try, irrespective of whether you have an oven or not.

              Last week, we were an hour earlier to watch MIB III at Inox and as we always do, we buried ourselves in books in Landmark. Just minutes before leaving the store, I pulled out a battered and torn book on chocolate recipes and the first thing that caught my attention was a pretty picture of steamed chocolate pudding with chocolate sauce and I was wondering,"steamed"? as that picture did not look anything like it was steamed. Though skeptical, but mostly intrigued, quickly scanned the recipe and there I was sitting in the theatre, writing down the memorised recipe in a piece of paper during the break and I guess that also pretty much explains how entertaining (?) the movie was!

                       I can’t eat food that smells eggy, the reason why I don’t like danish cookies and biscotti. Steamed puddings are no excuse, as I have made steamed bread puddings and fruit cakes before, but never had the desire to eat more than a morsel because of the egg smell. Knowing fully well that steamed food with egg will surely smell eggy, I decided to use egg whites which was a sensible thought, as the Steamed chocolate pudding tasted nothing but, ‘chocolate’. To me, the cake tasted like a moist brownie, while my son thought it tasted like the fudge cake I made for his birthday last year, yet, the only difference is, this time it was baked. What more can I ask say?

I heavily adapted the recipe and made some major changes in the ingredient list to make it more delicious and as expected, it was!
To make this steamed chocolate pudding with chocolate sauce, two things are a must, good chocolate and lots of patience. Prep yourself and go surprise everyone!

Chocolate pudding
Butter                           50g
Light brown sugar      50g
Egg whites                   2
Almond flour               50g
(ground almonds)
Cocoa Powder             1tbsp
Baking powder            1/4 tsp
Chocolate                     50 g
Milk                              1 tbsp
Vanilla                          1/2 tsp
Walnut                         1 tbsp chopped  and 8-10 halved nuts

Chocolate sauce
Chocolate                     50 g
Cream                          3 tbsp

Combine almond flour, cocoa powder, baking powder and whisk or sift until everything is mixed well. Keep it aside.
Combine chocolate and milk and melt it in a double boiler. ( Bowl placed over a pan of simmering water without touching )Keep it aside.
Grease a pudding bowl with butter and arrange few whole walnuts on the bottom of the bowl.
Combine butter and sugar, beat until the mixture is soft.
Add the egg whites and beat. At this stage the mixture might appear curdled, nothing to worry, keep mixing.
Fold in the flour mixture smoothly.
Add in melted chocolate, chopped walnuts, vanilla and stir gently, just until mixed.
Transfer to the greased pudding bowl. Cover the bowl with a double layer of baking paper, tie it around  and cover the bowl with a plate so that no moisture enters the pudding while cooking.

Take a wide cooking pan or say, Idly cooker, place an inverted plate on the bottom of the pan. ( This is done to prevent the pudding getting burnt at the bottom)
Place the pudding bowl on the plate and fill the pan with boiling water, half way up the pudding bowl.
Cover the pan and on low heat, cook for 1-1/2 hours. ( check the water level in between, which should remain in the same level).
Let the pudding remain in the pan for another 30 minutes, later take it out and let it cool completely.
Invert it onto a plate and pour the chocolate sauce before serving.
Chocolate sauce
Combine chocolate and cream and melt in a double boiler. Use it on the pudding.

All food tastes better if it rests for a while after cooking. So resist temptation and give it a few hours before diving in. This rule applies to even biriyanis and curries, the reason why, fish curry made the previous day tastes delicious, than a freshly made one. Test it yourself, by putting away a piece of cake (any cake) in a refrigerator and taste it the next day to know the difference. The flavours will soak into the cake and make it taste richer.
You can use plain flour( maida) instead of almond flour, 1 whole egg instead of egg whites if you are ok with the eggy smell and use white sugar instead of light brown sugar, but make sure to powder white sugar before using it.
Write to me, if I have not made myself clear.

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