Monday, 11 March 2013

Agathikkeerai Poriyal - Hummingbird Treeleaves Stir Fry

                          Of all the edible green leaves, hummingbird tree leaves is the only one, that I give a second thought before cooking, because of the limitations it comes with, as it is not recommended to be taken too often and on certain conditions, inspite of it's healing properties.  Protecting the internal organs these leaves are aptly called as Agathikkeerai ( 'agam' meaning inner ), as it suppresses the heat generated in the body and the diseases associated with it. Similar to drumstick leaves, these leaves and the flowers are edible  and packed with nutrients. In some villages, you can see people feed these leaves as an offering, to the cows reared in the temple. Due to its unavailability in the city, these leaves are naturally limited to consumption and when these leaves have become a rarity, I don't think I need to think twice, when I come across a bunch, once in a while!

Hummingbird tree leaves   2 cups (rinsed and chopped)
Mung dal                            1/3 cup
Onion                                 1
Turmeric Powder               1/4 tsp
Mustard + urad dal             1 tsp
Cumin                                1/2 tsp
Dried red chilly                  2
Coconut                             1-2 tbsp
Oil                                      2 tsp

Add the tempering ingredients to the hot oil in a pan, throw in chopped onion and sauté. 
Add the chopped greens and turmeric powder and pre-soaked mung dal, stir, sprinkle some water, close the pan and cook until done.
Add salt, grated coconut, give a final stir and serve with rice.

Vegetables like bottle gourd, snake gourd, cabbage and chayote squash can be cooked in the same manner.

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