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Puli Mittai/ Kuchi Mittai - Sweet and Spicy Tamarind Lollipop Candy

Puli mittai
                    Have you ever stood under a tamarind tree, pelted stone or a stick at the hanging bunch of tamarind fruits, picked the deep red, ripe fruit and felt that sweet and tingling sour taste spread across your face? Most of us would have experienced that when young. Down south, the entire stretch of the highway road is lined by tamarind trees and during season, you can see women harvesting, sorting and laying them to sun dry, tempting every passerby and the sheer sight of it will make everyone salivate for an instant. The sweetest and by far the best tamarind I have ever eaten was the one, kindly offered by an old lady carrying a basket full of tamarind, stopped to give us kids the ripest and the sweetest fruit when we were walking back from school, back in Salem. So smitten was I, that I kept talking about it for many years and I guess, I still do!

                     It's one of those phase that women go through during pregnancy, either crave for a particular food or detest almost every food. I went through the latter! My co-sister and I were carrying at the same time and I never had the desire for sour foods, but she did and so she would make this puli mittai which apparently was her childhood playtime snack in her place. Talk about it and even now she would say her mouth salivates thinking about this sweet, sour and spicy candy.  In spite of its deliciousness, I cannot enjoy this as I can't tolerate fiery foods, even the one deseeded chilly is too much for me, but my son loves it. I like the prune version as it is more sweeter than the tamarind candy. If you belong to the breed, that loves hot food and breath fire like a dragon, use the chilly with seeds or add more chilly and adjust the sweetness accordingly.

Tamarind             1 tbsp
Jaggery                1 tbsp
Dried Red Chilly     1 (deseeded)
Salt                    a small pinch

Combine the tamarind and the dried chilly and pound in a  mortar and pestle or use a mixie jar to blend.
Add the jaggery and a tiny pinch of salt and blend or pound again till smooth.
Shape into a ball, insert a stick and straightaway lick and enjoy the sweet spicy and sour tamarind lollipop.

For Prune Lollipop
Prunes                    5
Jaggery                  1 tbsp
Dried Red Chilly       1 (deseeded)
Salt                      a tiny pinch

Blend everything together in a mixie jar until combined and smooth.
It will be quite sticky, if you can manage to make balls, shape into balls or just use a spoon.

 Let me also acknowledge all your comments.They are read, appreciated and cherished. Thanks a lot!


Do not use tamarind paste.
Depending upon the kind and the size of the chilly used, adjust everything accordingly. It's just a matter of balancing the sweet, sour and spicy taste.
Traditionally thennangkuchi (stick from coconut tree leaves) is used, since I had some palm leaves, I have used the palm stick to make the lollipop.
Although it tastes delicious, do not eat this often, as too much of tamarind is not recommended for good health. Tamarind has the property to cause anaemia.
Limit the usage of tamarind in cooking too, instead use tomatoes.

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