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Ch(s)ola Pori - Popped Sorghum/Jowar

Popped Sorghum - Sola pori or Chola pori

             Every summer, I used to look forward to this old lady with hair like snow and a big sack of puffed rice held tightly over her fragile shoulders walking hastily ignoring the blistering heat, yet with the conviction of making it a good day before the sun came down. The puffed rice she sold were fresh, crisp and the tastiest I've ever had. A little chit chat and later begins the business, when she would measure padi after padi of puffed rice and roasted groundnuts into a large basin which wouldn't last even a day. They were absolutely delicious. If they weren't that good and if I hadn't relocated, I wouldn't have missed those delicious puffed rice and the lady with a pretty smile.

         Roasting groundnuts with shell on a bed of sand in a thick kadai has been a traditional practice followed by south indians. Served with a big chunk of jaggery to eat with the roasted groundnuts evening snacks were such a delight. Breaking open the shell of each groundnuts by hand slowly savouring the nut one by one leisurely was done with such pleasure. Which is not the case with kids of this generation who do not have the patience and instead prefer shelled nuts!
The same procedure which has been followed to make puffed rice or roast groundnuts is used here too.

Oil free and home made popped sorghum, can you think of anything more healthy?
Fine sand or Salt

If using sand, sieve well to get fine sand. This is important because you don't want the sand and tiny stone particles to come along with the popped sorghum.
If using salt, sieve the salt and use only fine textured salt without lumps. ( I powdered rock salt, sifted it and used the fine salt to pop sorghum)
In a thick bottomed pan, add the salt or sand and heat until it is very hot and the colour changes.
Reduce the heat to medium high, add the sorghum and stir.
Keep stirring until all the sorghum pops. 
Use a ladle with holes big enough to hold the popped sorghum leaving behind the sand or the salt. 
Add more sorghum to the hot salt or sand and continue the process until you have made the required amount of popped sorghum.

Serving suggestions
Can make masala pori
Can mix the popped sorghum with roasted gram and roasted groundnuts.
Can toss in butter mixed with herbs.
Can toss in oil mixed with chillipowder or pepper powder.

If concerned about hygiene in using sand, then use salt which is more tasty and you won't need to add salt to the popped sorghum.
Use very fine sand or else the popped sorghum tends to carry tiny sand particles with it which makes it inedible.
Preferably use salt for a clear white popped sorghum and a tasty snack. 
Use a lid to partially cover the pan and prevent the popped sorghum from flying in different directions.
But if serving for people with hypertension using salt will not be a good option. Instead try the sand method or use a pressure cooker or a heavy bottomed pan and make it like popcorn. ( Add oil to the cooker or pan, heat until it is very hot, add the corn or the sorghum, close the pan partially with a lid, reduce the heat to medium high and wait till all the corn or the sorghum is popped). 

A visual guidance on how to make popped sorghum using sand, as well as salt is given in the video below.
I don't have multi tasking ability, which is clearly evident in all my videos, cooking in one hand and video taping on the other, you can't expect me to make a flawless video. Bear with the poor quality, but you will ultimately learn something.

First you will see sand used to pop sorghum and later salt ( powdered and sifted rock salt) used to make popped sorghum in the video given below.

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