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How to cook millets - In different other ways - Manaholam, Thengaipaal Payasam, Masala Paniyaram, Kaaraappam, Thengaidosai

 A few suggestions on how to cook millet in other ways.

Thinai Then-Manaholam - Foxtail Millet Sweet and Savoury Snack

Thinai murukku tossed in honey and sesame seeds.
Manaholam is made using jaggery, I have used honey.

Use any murukku recipe and substitute the rice with millet partially or whole. Melt the honey/jaggery with a little water, boil until sticky, toss in the fried murukku and sprinkle roasted sesame.

Kudiraivali Thengaipaal Payasam - Barnyard Millet Coconut Milk Kheer

Coconut milk millet payasam, sweetened with palm candy(panangkarkandu), with added flavours like sukku( dried ginger powder), roasted cashews and raisins. Best when served chilled.

For the paayasam I have used only coconut milk ( no milk added ) and made it like any other paayasam.

Thinai Masala Paniyaram - Foxtail Millet savoury food

 Millet used instead of rice in regular adai maava recipe to make masala paniyarams, with added flavours like ginger and coriander leaves.

Saamai/Varagu Thengaidosai - Little millet/Kodo millet Coconut and banana filled crisp crepes
Crisp millet coconut dosa with a sweet filling of ghee and sugar spread, sliced bananas, cashew and raisins.
Blend soaked rice with coconut, make dosai, use the spread mentioned above and serve.

Kudiaraivaili Kara appam - Barnyard Millet spicy deep fried pancakes

Crisp and golden kaara vellaiappam, spiced with ginger, cumin, pepper, green chilly and curry leaves.

For the kaarappam
I have used vellai apppam recipe. Rinse and soak barnyard millet 3/4 cup and urad dal 1/4 cup for 2 - 3 hours, grind to a fine batter and leave it to ferment overnight.
The next day, add pepper 1/4 t, cumin 1/4 t, ginger 1 t, green chilly 1/2t, asafoetida a pinch, salt, curryleaves and stir well.
Pour a ladle full of the batter in the oil and deep fry until golden and crisp.
If you do not wish to deep fry, then use an appa chatti, add a tablespoon of oil, when warm, pour a ladle full of batter, spread lightly( not as wide as appam, just the size of a small palm) to make thick pancakes, cover and cook until crisp. Serve with chutney.


  1. Hey Vimala

    i'm Priya. Grt fan of ur blog.
    Can u plz give the detailed recipe of these items.
    waiting 4 ur reply....

    1. Priya, the recipes are all known recipes, I have just used millet instead of rice, so, I don't think I need to repeat the recipes. I have updated and included only the kaarappam recipe which may not be a familiar recipe for many.


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