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Thinai Sukku Kali - Foxtail Millet Sweet - Also, on how to remove the husk from foxtail millet

Thinai Sukku Kali

                  Neither this recipe nor the video was planned. In spite of the instructions given, the continuous query on how to remove the husk from foxtail millet led me to make the video on "how to remove the husk from foxtail millet" for a better understanding and eventually the hulled millet was used to make the following recipe. Off late, I seem to be making a lot of videos, which was also not planned, but visual guidance seems to be more preferred, than written words and hence the continuous posting of videos, although poor in quality, I am trying my best to help with whatever I have and I can.

                         The glossy, melt in your mouth "Thinai sukku kali "is such a healthy recipe that you can't just overlook, just a glance at the ingredients will reveal the nature of this food for you to decide.  Though I did make a video of the making of "Thinai sukku kali", I will be posting it later ( Only on request, as I don't want to bombard people with my videos ! ) Irrespective of age or gender this kali is a healthy food for all.

Foxtail Milllet                     1/2 cup
Fenugreek Seeds                 1 tsp
Palm Jaggery Or jaggery      1 1/2 cup (packed) ( Here, I have used palm Jaggery -  Karupatti )
Sesame Oil                        1/4 cup
Dried Ginger Powder            1/2 tbsp ( Fresh Sukku Podi)
Crushed Cardamom            5
Ghee                                to taste (optional)

Rinse and soak foxtail millet with fenugreek seeds for 30 minutes.
Blend the millet and fenugreek to a fine batter.
Transfer to a pan, add 3 cups of water and stir well.
Turn on the heat and stir continuously on low heat until it thickens and the batter is cooked.
( To check if the batter is cooked touch the batter with wet fingers, if it sticks it needs more cooking if does not stick to the fingers then it is done)
When the mixture thickens add the grated palm jaggery/jaggery and stir until it melts.
Keep stirring and add in the sesame oil.
Stir well and add in the dried ginger powder, cardamom and continue to stir, until the mixture begins to bubble and leave the sides of the pan.
Remove from heat and leave it to cool. As it cools the kali will thicken further.
Serve with a dash of more sesame oil or ghee.

Most people seem to get access only to Foxtail millet with hull, which leaves them wondering how to process the millet or prepare it for cooking. The given video will surely help to overcome the trouble.

How to remove the husk from Foxtail Millet ( Thinai )
Add a little water to the millet with husk and leave it soaking for about 15 minutes ( optional, as you can also straightaway continue with the processing without soaking - see my other video on "How to make Chola saadham")
Transfer to a mixie jar and pulse at short intervals until the husk separates and the millet is dry.
Tansfer to a winnow, shake to separate the husk and gently blow the husks away.
If you think there is still husk then continue the process by sprinkling a little water on the millet and pulsing in the mixie jar.
When done, rinse the millet thrice, which will help to remove the remaining husks.
The millet is now ready to be cooked as rice or gruel or to be used in other recipes.

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