Saturday, 21 December 2013

Crochet In Chennai!

                          If you love crochet stay with me, you might find this post interesting, others carry on browsing the recipes! A craft that I learnt as a kid became a hobby in the recent years which has now turned into a passion. Crocheting has been my favourite leisure activity and still keeps me occupied every time I feel like creating something. Of all the things that can be created by crochet, in a country where it is always hot, sweaters or socks or beanies or scarfs will not be of any help unless living in a hill station. The cold weather which lasts no longer than a month is a privilege that we would rather enjoy than covering ourselves with wool.
                        After making several caps and scarfs which were never used at all, I chose to specialise in making bags which were absolutely loved by all. My first bag, a tartan bag was whisked away by a cousin even before a zipper was fixed. My second one was a birthday gift for my mother and the third one for my MIL both a granny square bag. And then there was no stopping, I kept trying different patterns and ended up making 17 different crochet bags in the past two years and recently I also designed my own bag called the "kingbird Elegant Crochet Bag".

                           Crochet gives the satisfaction of creating a product and actually it is quite therapeutic, especially if you were to untangle a ball of yarn patiently! When I start a project, it drives me crazy to see the completed project that, sometimes I go sleepless till I finish the bag! I guess there will many like me out there!
Hope this post was inspiring for crochet lovers!

More pictures and the links of the pattern can be found in my page 'Crazy crochet' on the left.

 You can find the pattern for Kingbird Elegant Crochet Bag in the link given below:
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                                                                             Starling Handbag from future

                                                        My adapted version of the Starling hand bag with beads and a firm bottom

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